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Customer Constitution

​​As Türkiye Finans, our basic target is to become a leading resource provider undertaking investments and offering financial resources in line with our principles to our customers, who are our raison d'é​tre​ and a source of great satisfaction for us. In line with this vision, we offer all our customers the services which will allow them to feel comfortable and safe, to obtain rapid solutions in line with their needs and expectations and to experience “Tireless Banking” through unique channels.

We are delighted to share the Türkiye Finans’ Customer Constitution with you here, in order to introduce our basic values and offer better services to all of our customers.

Standing by You

At Türkiye Finans, we see ourselves as “companions” for our customers and establish long-term relations with all of our customers based on mutual benefit.

We Solve Your Problems

We care about our customers’ complaints and suggestions and demonstrate efforts to rapidly resolve problems. We respond to our customers’ complaints within a maximum of 24 hours.

W​e Listen to You

We reach out to our customers, listen to them and go to great lengths to maximize their satisfaction on a regular basis by establishing the channels that would allow our customers to submit all their problems and requests from any place, at any time.

Making Banking Services Easier

We are continuously working to restore our infrastructure, products and services to simplify banking services for our customers. We enable our customer our customers to receive rapid and seamless service from our branches and all other channels based on our understanding of “Tireless Banking”.

We Are Transparent

Because of our fair pricing policy, we clearly explain our customers all fees and commissions that we will get in return for our services. We do not ask for fees that are customers are not aware of.

We Keep Our Customers Informed

We keep our customers informed of their financial situations, transactions, accounts and payments on a regular basis; we provide all desired information concerning our products and services in a timely and understandable manner. With our smile and sincerest gratitude, we express our appreciation of our customers who show their trust by working with us, and by using our products and services.