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Our sustainability approach and its applications

Türkiye Finans defines its sustainability strategy which will help it to meet its corporate goals on two main axes: Good banking and good corporate citizenship.

Türkiye Finans' sustainability strategy is focused on achieving good results in its core business and in the presence of society. The Bank's goal is to enhance its contribution to society by being a good citizen while practicing the best banking applications.

Türkiye Finans, as a responsible corporate citizen, primarily follows its stakeholders closely but also keeps abreast of initiatives conducted on sustainability issues in Turkey and the world, shares its opinions and puts the regulations required in its service cycle into practice. All decisions and actions taken by the Bank are aimed at serving the needs of a sustainable future.

Türkiye Finans' sustainability approach considers not only economic but also environmental and social performances. Türkiye Finans adopts this general approach as a part of its corporate culture. Thanks to this approach, the Bank will maintain its efforts to increasingly adopt sustainability and to create value accordingly.

Turkey's first Sustainability Report among deposit and participation banks to be granted a grade A+ by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Türkiye Finans' 2013 Sustainability Report was the first and only report to have been graded A+ by the GRI among Turkish banks which have right to collect deposits.

Türkiye Finans provided extensive coverage to the Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling tournament, one of the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, in the Bank's and Participation Sector's first A+ graded Sustainability Report.

Türkiye Finans adopts a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy which is in line with the expectations of society and which contributes to economic growth as well as social development. In addition to offering products and services with a high level of quality and diversity, Türkiye Finans also aims to contribute to Turkey's sustainable development through non-profitable social investments.

Through the support it extends to the Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling tournament, the Bank believes that it plays an important role in transferring our cultural values to future generations.

Our road map for sustainability

In addition to recording steady financial results, Türkiye Finans continues to take active roles in issues that are of critical value for the future of our country. The Bank increased the support which it extends to the real sector within the scope of support for economic development. Türkiye Finans also offers innovative products and campaigns within the scope of following activities:

  • protecting the environment,
  • financing renewable energy investments,
  • increasing public awareness of energy efficiency
  • On the other hand, there was important progress in the value that Türkiye Finans generates for society with its systematic investment in human resources and corporate social responsibility projects.

Resources, especially energy resources, efficiency and initiatives derived from following points will continue to increase new business opportunities for banks going forward: tackling climate change, transition to domestic and renewable energy resources, low carbon economy. These developments will propose very detailed responsibilities and growth opportunities as agenda items for financial service providers. The degree of environmental and social risks will also determine the competition and therefore the success, as much as the value that financial products and services offered.

Under the spotlight of responsibilities, Türkiye Finans:

  • will continue to support individuals, entrepreneurs and companies with competitive solutions who offer strong value proposals.
  • expects that it will manage direct and indirect environment impacts in a healthier manner within the scope of Environment Policy which will be developed. The Bank also believes that it will meet goals on a global scale.
  • plans to practice projects which will have a more significant social impact on the axis of social responsibility. Within this context, the Bank maintains its efforts on new and exciting projects.
  • aims to maintain its strong structure in the sense of governance, with unwavering compliance of legislation. The Bank also aims to fully meet the current requirements of risk management.