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Commercial Vehicle Campaign with Türkiye Finans Credit Cards05 January 2009

​Another innovation from Türkiye Finans who is the pioneer in its sector. Türkiye Finans​ offers the opportunity to buy commercial vehicles with credit cards. Holders of Türkiye Finans credit cards may buy HFKanuni commercial vehicles at installments starting from TL 365 per month.

Türkiye Finans had initiated a new campaign in order to vitalize the automotive industry which is highly affected from the global economical crisis and to make it easier fro those who need a commercial vehicle to buy one. HFKanuni commercial vehicles will be offered to sale with credit cards in this campaign which is provided to holders of Türkiye Finans​ credit cards.

HFKanuni vehicles will be offered to consumers at installments starting from TL 365 per month including motor insurance for 1 year with Türkiye Finans credit cards. Moreover, original LPG option will also be offered under manufacturer’s warranty in this campaign.

A total of 4 models, comprising 2 pickup truck and 2 panelvans which mostly address artisans who are engaged in urban deliver yare offered under the campaign. These commercial vehicles featuring 4 cylinder, 1000 cc, multi point injection engines will be offered to the consumers with free road assistance and manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 2 years and up to 100.000 kilometers.

Consumers who wish to buy a commercial vehicle under this campaign are kindly invited to Türkiye Finans​ branches and HFKanuni dealers for further information.