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MultiPay Service from Türkiye Finans01 January 2010

Türkiye Finans makes overseas money transfers easier with MultiPay service. With MultiPay, money transfers can be made easily in currencies over 135 to anywhere in the world.

In parallel to its increasing volume of oversea money transfers, Türkiye Finans has started the MultiPay service that will bring great ease to customers. With MultiPay, money transfers can be made in more than 135 currencies, called ‘exotic currencies’, to more than 200 countries. All Türkiye Finans customers desiring to benefit by the MultiPay product need to do is to complete an Overseas Transfer Instruction.

MultiPay reduces costs of overseas money transfers

As all their payments can be made from a single source, Türkiye Finans customers desiring to benefit by the MultiPay service also do not need to open an account in the local currency. Access to the money sent will be easy and fast while thanks to the system exchange rate losses are kept to a minimum. Minimizing risks in overseas money transfer, MultiPay will significantly reduce costs to customers including correspondent bank charges, as the local settlement system is used.

When using the MultiPay service, Türkiye Finans customers can address all your queries and desires about any transfer they are to make to our customer service staff at the branches. Moreover customers will not need to spend time following up the payments they made to various banks at different times of the day.

MultiPay, economic and advantageous

MultiPay also offers customers various advantages about payments. No commission is paid on any money transfer made, and unlimited money transfers or receipts are possible with MultiPay.

As, at MultiPay, the exchange rate is set during the sending, no problem is met in the counter country. The customer is thus protected from losses from instant exchange rate changes. In money transfers made using MultiPay, transactions are recorded as they will be made over the Türkiye Finans​​ system. Thus, both illegal transfers and money laundering will be prevented and transaction parties will feel confidence, as banks are used in international money transfers.