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Chairman’s Message

Esteemed Shareholders​​​,

In 2019, Türkiye Finans continued to reflect its strategies determined by its strong forecasts into its step-by-step practices and achieved successful results.

In a year where we have achieved success in our efforts to build a wider and stronger deposit base, we have maintained our robust equity level and provided strong support to the real economy by building our healthy loan portfolio.

While we stand together with our customers in all segments and have increased our clout in retail banking, notably with our strong value proposal, by reaching wider audiences on-site and rapidly. We have continued to grow with our expanding branch network, our focus on digitalization, and the products and services we have implemented from an innovative perspective.​

We believe in the long-term potential of the Turkey and we are taking firm steps towards the future. We will further reinforce our position in the sector with our employees who embrace our values that reflect our corporate culture and guide us.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our employees for the strong performance achieved by Türkiye Finans, and to our shareholders, customers, and business partners for their unwavering trust. 


Saeed Mohammed A. ALGHAMDI
Chairman of the Board of Directors