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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

​​​​​​​​​Esteemed Shareholders,

2021 has been a promising year for the global economy, where economic activity crossed over to the positive side together with the waning impact of the pandemic on social life. Turkey’s economy has persevered amid economic instability around the world with a dynamic structure and production power.

With the innovative products and services we launched in 2021, as Türkiye Finans we focused on providing the best experience to our existing customers and introducing Participation banking to a larger base. Also we remained committed to maintaining our position as a bank of firsts in Turkey, not only in participation banking, but also in the entire banking industry. In addition to our contribution to the economy and to sustainable production throughout the year, we take pride in having fulfilled our responsibility with our digital banking products offered without any limit of time and place.

On behalf of Türkiye Finans Participation Bank, I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues who contributed to our success and to all our stakeholders who have always believed in us and accompanied us on our journey.​

Kind regards,

Wael Abdulaziz A. Raies
Chairman of the Board of Directors