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Saudi Export Program (SEP)

Saudi Export Program (SEP) has been established as per order of the Saudi Arabian King to improve Saudi non-oil product exports. It facilitates finance and insurance for the foreign companies importing such products.

Please visit the nearest Türkiye Finans branch to learn more about the Saudi Export Program (SEP) Credit and perform related transactions.

Program Goals

  • Motivate Saudi exporters to enter new markets by way of purchasing their risks.
  • Ensure Saudi exporter involvement in the projects executed or financed by Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)

Program Advantages

  • Provides loan and insurance facilities to improve and diversify export of Saudi non-oil products.
  • Offers low-cost financing support for foreign importers.
  • Provides risk sharing and debt guarantee provision to encourage local commercial banks to offer more credit facilities to small and medium size exporters, and extends the same facilities for foreign importers through correspondent banks.