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Dert Çözen Finansman

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Dert Çözen Finansman is Yours When Needed!

What is Dert Çözen Finansman?

It is a consumer finance we extend within the principles of participation banking that addresses the needs you may face in your day-to-day life.

Where to Use Dert Çözen Finansman?

You may use this finance product for all your expenditures within the principles of participation banking, from painting of your house or education costs to healthcare expenditures and wedding expenses.

Apply for Dert Çözen Finansman to meet all your needs without losing time.

What are the benefits of Dert Çözen Finansman?

  • Supports you with the finance to address your need to buy products and services.
  • Helps you do shopping at the most convenient sellers separately if you have more than one need.
  • Offers solutions to problems you may face in your purchases.

How to apply for Dert Çözen Finansman?

You may visit the nearest Türkiye Finans branch.


Sample Calculation Table for Dert Çözen Finansman *

TermProfit MarginAllocation FeeTotal Annual Cost
12 Months1.76%0.50%29.82%
24 Months1.78%0.50%29.59%
36 Months1.81%0.50%29.93%
48 Months1.81%0.50%29.82%

​* Sample repayment table is based on a loan of TRY 10,000. Monthly and yearly cost ratios include allocation fee and applicable legal taxes, but do not include insurance costs. The Bank reserves the right to freely evaluate Dert Çözen Finansman applications, request a guarantor and additional documentation, and reject applications it deems ineligible. The Bank may discontinue offering Dert Çözen Finansman without notice at any time it deems necessary. You may visit Türkiye Finans branches for further information.