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ATM Banking

​​You can perform your banking transactions using your debit or credit card at Türkiye Finans ATMs at any hour of any day of the week.

You can access Türkiye Finans ATMs with Paratik and Paratik Plus logos in many points of Turkey and, using your TL, USD and EUR accounts, you can withdraw and deposit money, make money transfers, financing payments and precious metal purchase/sale transactions, check your balance, and even load TL to your mobile phone without going to a physical branch and waiting in queue.​

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All ATMs of Turkey United!
  • With your Türkiye Finans card, you can withdraw money and view your account balance at the ATMs of all banks anywhere in Turkey. 1
  • Our bank does not charge any fee for transactions performed by the customers of other banks using Türkiye Finans ATMs.
  • The customers of other banks using our bank’s ATMs may be charged by the issuer bank.
  • With your Türkiye Finans Debit Card, you can withdraw money from ATMs wherever you are in the world. 2

1. Your account will be charged a transaction commission fee of %1 of the amount withdrawn + 1 TL + BITT for each money withdrawal, and a 0.25 TL + BITT for each statement inquiry, performed at domestic ATMs of other banks.

2. For Money Withdrawal transactions at international ATM using Türkiye Finans Debit Cards, the currency of transaction will be converted into TL at the exchange rate applicable on the day the transaction is advised to the Bank. You will be charged a 1.5% commission fee (including BITT) over TL equivalent of Money Withdrawal transactions at international ATMs.

Creating and Changing Password is a Piece of Cake

You may perform your card password actions 24/7 using the Internet Branch, Mobile Branch, Customer Contact Center or our Bank ATMs.​

Click to receive your Türkiye Finans Internet Branch password right away.

​​Card Transactions
TransactionsParatikParatik Plus
Money Withdrawal (TL - USD - EUR)YesYes
Depositing Money (To Your Own Account – To Other Accounts - IBAN)NoYes
Money Transfer (To Your Own Account – To Other Accounts)YesYes
Balance InquiryYesYes
Exchange Tracking (USD - EUR - GBP - JPY - CHF)YesYes
Buying FX by Depositing CashNoYes
Opening an Automatic FX AccountNoYes
Buying FX from Your Account (USD - EUR)YesYes
Selling FX from Your Account(USD - EUR)YesYes
Credit Card Transactions (Cash Advance – Latest Bank Statement Info – Current Info – Next Statement – Credit Card Debt Payment)YesYes
Credit Card Debt Payment via Depositing CashNoYes
​Financing Payment from Account​Yes​Yes
​Precious Metal Purchase from Account​Yes​Yes
​Precious Metal Sale from Account​Yes​Yes​
Bonus InquiryYesYes
Password ChangeYesYes
Bill Payment from Your Account (Electricity – Water - Natural Gas - Telecommunication)YesYes
Bill Payment via Depositing Cash (Electricity – Water - Natural Gas - Telecommunication)NoYes
Top-up GSM TL from Your Account (Turkcell - Avea - Vodafone)YesYes
Top-up GSM TL from Your Account (Turkcell - Avea - Vodafone)NoYes
English - Turkish Language Selection​YesYes
Cardless Transactions
Cardless TransactionsParatikParatik Plus
Depositing Cash (To an Account – with a Card Number - with an IBAN No.)NoYes
Bill Payment via Depositing Cash (Electricity – Water - Natural Gas - Telecommunication)NoYes
Top-up GSM TL via Depositing Cash (Turkcell - Avea - Vodafone)NoYes
Credit Card Debt Payment via Depositing CashNoYes
Exchange TrackingNoYes
Bonus TrackingNoYes
English - Turkish Language Selection​YesYes
Barcode Transactions
TransactionsParatikParatik Plus
Barcoded Bill Payment via Depositing Cash (Avea – Igdaş Payments)NoYes
Barcoded Credit Card Debt Payment via Depositing CashNoYes
​ ​
​​Transaction DetailsLimit DownLimit Up
Money Withdrawal10 TL2,000 TL
Depositing Money5 TL18,000 TL
Money Transfer-10,000 TL
Buying/Selling FX-30,000 TL
Shopping-3,000 TL

Transaction limits are daily. In FX transactions, FX amounts equivalent of TL limits are used as a basis

​​​For your ATM transactions, please consider the following for your card, password and transaction security.

  • Do not leave the ATM and do not ask for help from people unknown to you while performing transactions.
  • If your card is stuck in ATM or you fail to receive your money, immediately call the Customer Contact Center only at 0850 222 22 44 and request assistance only from Türkiye Finans officials.
  • For your phone calls with our bank, do not use phones of strangers. Do not let anyone call on your behalf.
  • Never tell your password to anyone, including your bank, and never note it down.
  • Do not let anyone see your password as you perform your transaction.
  • Keep in mind that only you (card holder) are responsible for your password.
  • Remember that no one, including your bank, does not need to know your password whatever the reason.
  • Change your password regularly to improve your security.
  • As you define a new password, do not use easy-to-guess numbers such as your birth date, ID registry number, ID number, phone number, sequential numbers (2222, 4567 etc.).
  • Make sure to retrieve your card once your transaction is complete.