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Call Center

Call Center

​​The Call Center, which is at the number 0850 222 22 44 is at your service 7 days and 24 hours, enabling to process all banking transactions with just a telephone call.

Our Call Center serves all customers in 3 languages, being Turkish, Arabic and English. The service is provided in Turkish language 7/24, and in Arabic and English languages between 08​:00-17​:00 hours (within working hours).

Türkiye Finans Trusts “SeSİM”

We identify our personal customers by their voice, using SeSİM biometric voice recognition technology. We do not ask for personal information such as password or mother’s maiden name, and with only 2 questions, we can process transactions requiring security.

Use Your Voice as Your Signature!

To use the voice signature; just for once, you need to follow instructions and read the sentence “Türkiye Finans Trusts SeSİM” three times. Thanks to this voice signature system, our customers receive a much faster and more secure service.

Using the Interactive Voice Response System, Complete Your Transactions Without the Need to Speak to the Customer Representative!

Our Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) knows why the customer is calling, forwards incoming calls to the required person or menu, or provides existing information to the customer directly from the system, without using a response agent.

Telephone Banking password can be obtained from the Mobile Branch, Internet Branch or the Call Center at the number 0850 222 22 44.

Free Assistance Services for Happy Card Owners

Owners of the Happy Card credit card can benefit from free Assistance Services, by calling the Call Center at the number 0850 222 22 44. Mondial Assist (Happy Assist) in cases of emergency, Technical Assistance, House Assistance, Medical Assistance, Domestic and Information Services, Travel Services and Personal Services are among the services provided under this arrangement.

  • ​Start using the services of Türkiye Finans Telephone Banking providing your credit card or customer number. Be informed about all your banking transactions.
  • A Telephone Banking PIN is required to perform transactions such as money transfers that require verification.
  • You can get your PIN on the Internet Branch or by calling Customer Contact Center.
  • Once you call our Customer Contact Center at 0850 222 22 44, follow the instructions provided by the voice response system. You can also receive assistance directly from customer representatives.

How to Receive Telephone Banking PIN?

  • You can receive Telephone Banking PIN either on Türkiye Finans Internet Branch or by calling our Customer Contact Center at 0850 222 22 44.
  • You can get your password required to be an Internet Branch User, using your credit card or debit card information* at “Instant PIN” step.

*This service is only offered to Individual customers.

Türkiye Finans Voice Response System

Türkiye Finans Voice Response System helps you get the information you need and perform banking transactions, by easily following the instructions provided.

Voice Signature -SeSİM

  • Türkiye Finans Telephone Banking features a “Voice Signature”.
  • Powered by biometric voice recognition technology, Voice Signature recognizes your voice, allowing you to perform your transactions securely without having to disclose personal information such as your PIN or mother’s maiden name.
  • All Individual Banking customers are free to create a Voice Signature.
  • To create a Voice Signature simply dial 0850 222 22 44, follow the instructions for “Voice Signature" and utter the following sentence three times: “Türkiye Finans SeSİM’e Güvenir” (Türkiye Finans trusts my voice).
  • Once you call our system from the phone number you registered with us, the system will recognize and address you with your name.
  • The system is capable of distinguishing the Individual and Commercial Customers, redirecting them to separate menus and specialized customer representatives.
  • If you call to retrieve blocked credit cards or Internet Banking PINs, the system will automatically redirect you to relevant menus.
  • Türkiye Finans Voice Response System serves customers in Turkish, English and Arabic.

​Transactions you can make through the voice response system

Account Information
Credit Card Transactions
Account Transactions
Money Transfers
FX Transactions
Invoice Instructions
ATM Card Transactions
Internet Branch Transactions
Passcode Transactions
Security Transactions
POS Transactions
Information Services
​Transaction Limits
Transaction Hours

*Transaction limits are daily, and constitute shared limit across Internet, Mobile and Telephone Banking. The limits may vary based on customers. Please consult the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch to request limit increase.