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Yedek Hesap

Yedek Hesap

​Yedek Hesap is a Benevolent-Loan Current Account you can use to finance your urgent needs in case the amount in your existing account is not sufficient for your transactions. Yedek Hesap also allows you to -within the limits set for you- pay your bills, and receive finance at any ATM across Turkey.

Advantages of Yedek Hesap

  • Subject to the limits of Benevolent Loan; no profit rate applied
  • No delay fee applied
  • No transaction fee charged to your transactions with Yedek Hesap
  • You can pay your bills within the limits set for you
  • You can receive finance support at any domestic ATM within the limits set for you
  • No due dates applied

How to Apply for Yedek Hesap

  • You can apply at the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch.
  • Alternatively, you can send an SMS to 2310 by typing 'YEDEK', entering the space key to be followed by your Turkish ID Number.

Terms of Yedek Hesap Application and Use

  • You need to define two automatic bill payment orders to your deposit account or credit card.
  • Türkiye Finans reserves the right to freely evaluate the eligibility of Yedek Hesap applications, request a guarantor and additional documentation, and reject those applications, which it reasonably deems ineligible.
  • Türkiye Finans, if it considers necessary, reduce the Yedek Hesap limit, or cancel the use of limit without notification. ​