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​​Our Internet Branch provides services with VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates

Türkiye Finans Internet Branch has the security infrastructure to protect our customers, our Bank, and the information transferred between the user and our Bank. Our Internet Branch uses 256-bit SSL encryption providing highest security in your transactions.

What is SSL?

SSL is a security protocol ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the information transfer made between the browser you use and the web server of the site you are connected to. The information sent in the SSL security area is first encrypted and rendered unreadable by other people by an encryption system normally incapable of being decrypted. This information can only be decrypted and read by the web server authorized for decryption. So, it is guaranteed that the places sending or receiving the message are the right ones.

The VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate used at our Internet Branch:

Our Internet Branch has started to provide services with VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates!

Featuring 256-bit SSL, the "VeriSign® Extended Validation (EV) SSL" certificate application supported by current web browsers and helping fraudulent sites distinguished from secure ones more easily is now active.

If the web browser you use supports this feature, the address line of your browser will appear green when your log in to our Internet Branch and by clicking the address line, you can access the certificate details that is a secure site.


If the web site is already identified as a fraudulent, fake one, the address line will turn red. When a red address bar is seen, no operation must be made on the web site and our Customer Communications Center must be informed at 0850 222 22 44.

Some browsers do recognize this certificate, but fail to use the features offered by the SSL certificate and thus fail to turn the address line of the browser green. This does not mean using this browser is insecure, but it is only an indicator that it does support warnings serving to distinguish fake sites from real ones.

To use our VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate application, a current web browser supporting this feature must first be installed on your computer.

You can increase your login to Internet Branch security by using one of the browsers of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.0, Apple Safari 3.2, Opera 9.5, Google Chrome 1.0 and higher versions.

For trouble-free use, it will be useful to upgrade your browser free of charge at software suppliers’ official web sites as soon as possible.

  • Click​ for the Microsoft Internet Explorer official web site.
  • Click for the Mozilla Firefox official web site.
  • Click for the Apple Safari official web site.
  • Click for the Opera official web site.
  • Click for the Google Chrome official web site.

The version information of your browser you use can be found at the option “About” in the menu Help.