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Sector and Product Packages

Pharmacist Package

The Pharmacist Package is a support package offering any solution that a pharmacist may need in their business life, and provides protection against potential risks with the Pharmacist Package Insurance it includes.

Full Board Tourism Package

The Full Board Tourism Package is comprised of financing solutions available both in TL and foreign currency, and has been developed to offer financing support alternatives needed by tourism businesses and tradesmen.

Türkiye Finans is welcome to offer any financing solution that you may need for hotel, motel, board house, accommodation facility investments, renovation projects or procurement of goods and services.

Decorative Furniture Package

The Decorative Furniture Package has been developed to finance businesses operating in the furniture industry.

100% Energy Package

Türkiye Finans %100 Energy Package provides financing support for the businesses operating in the energy industry and have projects towards energy-saving.

4-Corner Packaging Package

Türkiye Finans 4-Corner Packaging Package provides financing support for the businesses operating in the packaging industry.

IT Package

Türkiye Finans IT Package is the technological support package providing financing support for equipment and software needs of the companies operating in the IT industry or SMEs wishing to improve their technological infrastructure.

Flawless Service Package

Türkiye Finans Flawless Service Package is the financing support solution offered to companies operating in the service industry to cover their investment needs and ease their business and cash flows.

“Shop is Yours” Small Enterprise Package

Türkiye Finans “Shop is Yours” Small Enterprise Package is a support package offered to small enterprises in commerce, industry, service, tourism, education, healthcare etc. industries to cover their seasonal or periodic needs

Franchising Package

Türkiye Finans Franchising Package provides financing support to investors wishing to be franchise and companies rendering franchising service.

“Smiling Farmer” Agricultural Package

Türkiye Finans “Smiling Farmer” Agricultural Package is the financing support package established for the farmers to cover their different needs, including agricultural equipment, tools, fuel, fertilizer, seed, agricultural pesticide, greenhouse and watering system investments.

All-Aspects Logistics Package

Türkiye Finans All-Aspects Logistics Package provides financing support for transportation and logistics firms, delivery companies, transport cooperatives, transport warehouses for their vehicle purchases, and maintenance & repair expenses.

Definite Solution Contractor Package

Türkiye Finans Definite Solution Contractor Package offers the cash fund support needed to contractors to finance their business and investments as well as advantageous conditions in obtaining any type of reference letters and performance bonds.

Cross-Border Export Package

Türkiye Finans Cross-Border Export Package offers cash and non-cash financing support for SMEs performing or planning to perform exports as well as Türkiye Finans Expert Forex Consulting Services.

Full Support Manufacturing Package

Türkiye Finans Full Support Manufacturing Package provides financing for companies operating in the manufacturing industry to cover their investment and production needs.

Foreign Trade Financing Package

With its campaign “Foreign Trade Financing Package”, Türkiye Finans offers you peerless financing advantages for your foreign trade transactions.

With our expert staff in foreign trade, extensive international correspondent network, and solutions to carry your business to the future, we are always there for you.

Please visit one of Türkiye Finans branches to learn more about our campaign.

Unlicensed Renewable Energy Package

You Generate Electricity

Türkiye Finans Finances

The regulatory amendment to the energy law now allows small and medium size enterprises to generate electricity up to 1mW without license or incorporation.

Türkiye Finans offers the financing support package full of advantages to small and medium size enterprises to generate their own energy.

Claim your financing package from Türkiye Finans branches at reasonable terms and rates that cover all the costs of turn key projects arising from the purchase of unlicensed energy generation equipment, power plant installations and grid connections.

Visit Türkiye Finans, invest in nature and your future.