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Savings Deposit Insurance

Savings Deposit Insurance

​Savings Deposit Insurance is a fund established to protect the rights of depositors. In the event that the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency revokes the operating license of a deposit or participation bank authorized to collect deposit or participation fund, this fund ensures that losses suffered by right owners will be covered partially or completely by a governmental agency or any other agency established for this purpose.

Participation Funds under Insurance Coverage

Provided that the account is at a domestic branch;

  • Any participation fund or deposit account opened on behalf of natural persons,
  • Any participation fund or deposit account not subject to commercial transactions,
  • Any participation fund or deposit account in TL, Foreign Currency or Precious Metal is insured up to 100,000 TL for each natural person at each participation or deposit bank.

Participation Funds not Covered by the Insurance

  • The insurance does not cover the participation funds opened at overseas branches of participation banks.
  • The insurance does not cover the participation funds opened at those participation banks engaged in off-shore banking in Turkey and internationally.
  • The insurance does not cover the excessive profit shares exceeding the average profit share of the first three banks with largest participation fund volume.
  • The Banking Law no. 5411 prohibits participation banks from accepting participation fund from resident persons on behalf of non-resident financial institutions.

Payments to be made under the Insurance

  • In case the participation bank’s operating license is revoked, payments to be made under the insurance will be in Turkish Lira.
  • While determining the amount payable under the insurance it will be based on the unit account value, for participation accounts, and the balance, for special current accounts.
  • For F/X accounts and precious metal accounts, Turkish Lira equivalent will be determined based on Central Bank foreign exchange buying rates and Istanbul Gold Exchange session closing rates respectively, effective on the date of revocation of the bank’s operating license.

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