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Personel Finance

​​​​​​​​​​Personal Finance extends you the necessary finance for your personal needs pursuant to the principles of Participation Banking.

Application process is easy and fast. Türkiye Finans Personal Finance lets you enjoy the benefits of addressing all your wishes and needs at affordable terms without having to delay them.

How to Apply for Personal Finance


Required Documents for Application
  • ID, driver’s license or passport
  • Income statement/payroll
  • Most recent tax certificate and approved balance sheet, income statements and trial balance covering last year, signatory circular, articles of association, and the Trade Registry gazette showing the latest share in partnership for the self-employed and business owners.
  • Pro-forma invoice for the subject matter of finance.

For salaried people, the signatory circular of the employing company is required if the payroll is declared on a document with letterhead.

The Bank reserves the right to request a guarantor or additional documents if and when it deems necessary. The same documentation will be requested for the guarantor.

Table of Costs for General Personal Finance

TermProfit MarginAllocation FeeTotal Annual Cost
12 Months1.76%0.50%29.82%
24 Months1.78%0.50%29.59%
36 Months1.81%0.50%29​.93%
48 Months1.81%0.50%29.82%

Sample repayment table is based on a loan of TRY 10,000. Monthly and yearly cost ratios include allocation fee and applicable legal taxes, but do not include insurance costs. The Bank reserves the right to freely evaluate applications for finance, request a guarantor and additional documentation, and reject applications it deems ineligible. The Bank may change the prices of, or discontinue, the campaign, without notice at any time it deems necessary. You may visit Türkiye Finans Branches for further information.