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Fast Financing Platform

Fast Financing Platform

​Fast Financing Platform enables you to file your real estate, vehicle and consumer financing applications through contracted dealers.

At your dealer, you can instantly utilize your financing support, which is approved in accordance with participation banking principles at advantageous profit rates.

Fast Financing Platform is an online evaluation system by which the real estate dealers, vehicle and consumer financing dealers can file financing application on behalf of their customers and track outcomes of filed applications.

Please call Türkiye Finans Customer Contact Center at 0850 222 22 44 to learn the list of Fast Financing Platform member businesses.

Advantages of Fast Financing Platform

  • File your real estate, vehicle or consumer financing application through Fast Financing Platform member dealers - only your identification card is needed.
  • Learn the outcome of your application immediately.
  • Utilize your financing support without having to visit the bank. *
  • Enjoy the privilege of getting your financing support at Türkiye Finans’ advantageous profit rates.
  • Eliminate any difficulty with flexible repayment options aligned with your cash flow.
  • A wide network of dealers allowing you to apply for financing support wherever you need.

* Financing utilization from contracted dealers is available only for Consumer Financing, and the applications receiving final approval are utilized at dealers only. To continue with the utilization process of applications receiving preliminary approval only, the customer should visit our Branch.