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Special Supports for SME’s

KOSGEB Cooperation

Türkiye Finans is committed to further its support to the real sector, and acts as the agency for SME-specific financing support by SME Development Organization (KOSGEB).

In accordance with our SME Banking vision and participation banking principles, we continue offering solutions for the SMEs registered to KOSGEB database and entitled to get support from KOSGEB, under the KOSGEB Co-Financing Protocol we have concluded.

CGF Guarantee

With guarantee support provided by it to SMSE’s in need of financing and not having the necessary collateral, CGF renders it possible for them to use bank loans in financing their investments and business.

In 2010 our Bank moved to a different point its works with the Credit Guarantee Fund and joined the CGF partners so as to support SMSEs. Thus our Bank, besides provision of CGF guarantee support by the Equity Method in place since 2007, aimed to add a Treasury-supported guarantee system to its range of products under the new protocol, thereby speeding up the processes and diversifying its support to SMSEs. Accordingly, we encourage all the SMSEs, Having investment projects aimed at capacity, turnover and employment increases, Having been operating for at least two balance sheet periods and is still in business, Having no tax or SGK debt or having get its debt restructured without violating such restructuring later, to visit our branches to make their Credit Guarantee Fund guarantee applications and discuss other conditions.

Field & Information Support for Grants & Incentives

Türkiye Finans provides information and field support to SMEs with consulting service for investment and production incentives as well as field and information support about execution of project works so as to utilize incentives.

Any SME who has an investment project in mind but has difficulty securing funds is welcome to visit Türkiye Finans branches for assistance.

Investment Incentive Support Loan

As part of the Profit Share Protocol between Türkiye Finans and the Turkish Ministry of Economy, Türkiye Finans provides Investment Incentive Support Loan to SMEs holding the Investment Incentive Certificate to support their investments.

Ipard Grant Program

What is IPARD Grant Program?

IPARD is a Rural Development Program developed by the European Union for candidate and potentially candidate countries.

The program is made up of grants, and is executed by Agricultural and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK).

Grant support is provided to any business or producer in the milk, red meat, chicken meat, aquatic products or fruit-vegetable industry which is located in the provinces under the coverage of the IPARD Program.

Visit any Türkiye Finans branch to apply for the IPARD Grant Program.