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Finansör is a special debit card which is limit, profit rate and number of installments are determined during your application and which enables purchase of goods and services from defined industries until expiry of the defined financing limit.

  • You can shop at domestic stores with the finance limit defined for Finansör.
  • Finansör transactions observe Participation Banking principles.
  • Türkiye Finans authorizes the cardholder being its deputy for purchase and sales transactions using Finansör.

Features of Finansör

  • Finansör provides the financing support you need to meet your basic needs.
  • The limit defined to your card can be utilized during the card validity period for purchases in a number of areas, including consumption goods, major appliances, furniture, electronic goods, textile, education and healthcare.
  • Financing support extended by Finansör allows installment transactions under cash payment conditions in cases requiring instant high-amount expenses, such as marriage expenses, replacement of home items etc.
  • The financing limit defined to your Finansör can be used for domestic store transactions.
  • Finansör also offers the easy-payment option through installments up to 48 ​months.

How to Apply for Finansör?

  • You only need to send an SMS or visit the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch to apply for Finansör.
  • For SMS applications, please type “DESTEK”, put a space and enter your “Turkish Identification Number” and short text to 2310.
  • The outcome of your SMS application will be notified to you immediately via SMS.
  • You can learn the outcome of your applications through our branches in 1 business day after your submission of all required documents.
  • After you receive the Finansör card from your branch, you can call the Türkiye Finans Customer Contact Center at 0850 222 22 44 to perform your card’s password transactions, and start utilizing your approved limit right away.

Required Documents for Finansör Application

  • Finansör Application Form
  • Copy of identification card or driver’s license
  • A copy of your utility bills issued within the last 3 months, in case your address details on the Address Registration System are not up-to-date.
  • Income certificate/payroll*

For the self-employed and business owners;

  • Previous year’s tax certificate and certified balance sheet
  • Income statements
  • Trial balance
  • Signature circular
  • Copy of Trade Registry Gazettes announcing the incorporation and the latest shareholding rates.

Please visit to learn more.