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Sector and Product Packages

Full Board Tourism Package

The Full Board Tourism Package has been developed to offer financing support alternatives needed by tourism businesses and tradesmen.

Türkiye Finans is welcome to offer any financing solution that you may need for hotel, motel, board house, accommodation facility investments, renovation projects or procurement of goods and services.

Tourism Business Support Loan

Tourism Business Support Loans provides financing for procurement of goods and services for tourism tradesmen whose revenues vary depending on the season and which conduct boutique or souvenir sales or tourism transportation.

Please visit the nearest Türkiye Finans branch to learn more about the Hotel Business Support Loans and apply for one.

Yacht/Boat Investment Loan

Yacht/Boat Investment Loan provides financing support to tourism businesses operating yachts or boats for their purchase of new yachts/boats.

Please visit the nearest Türkiye Finans branch to learn more about the Yacht/Boat Investment Loans and apply for one.

Foreign Trade Financing Package

With its campaign “Foreign Trade Financing Package”, Türkiye Finans offers you peerless financing advantages for your foreign trade transactions.

With our expert staff in foreign trade, extensive international correspondent network, and solutions to carry your business to the future, we are always there for you.

Please visit one of Türkiye Finans branches to learn more about our campaign.

Unlicensed Renewable Energy Package

You Generate Electricity Türkiye Finans Finances

The regulatory amendment to the energy law now allows small and medium size enterprises to generate electricity up to 1mW without license or incorporation.

Türkiye Finans offers the financing support package full of advantages to small and medium size enterprises to generate their own energy.

Claim your financing package from Türkiye Finans branches at reasonable terms and rates that cover all the costs of turn key projects arising from the purchase of unlicensed energy generation equipment, power plant installations and grid connections.

Visit Türkiye Finans, invest in nature and your future.