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About Türkiye Finans

​Türkiye Finans Participation Bank is one of the well-established participation banks of Turkey that has been operating with its strong capital structure and vision since 2005, with the National Commercial Bank as its main shareholder owning 67.03% of its shares.

Türkiye Finans was established in 2005 when Family Finans, which was providing participation banking services under the name of Faisal Finans Kurumu between 1985-2001, and Anadolu Finans, that was founded in 1991 as the first private finance institution of Turkey with 100% domestic capital, joined their forces.

The bank attained a new and powerful corporate identity after this merger and has brought a new life into participation banking whose target group is ever expanding. In 2008, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) acquired the majority share of Türkiye Finans Participation Bank and the Bank entered into a period of transformation and development. The National Commercial Bank, the first and the largest bank of Saudi Arabia with investments in 5 countries, is the main shareholder with 67.03 percent stake of Türkiye Finans Participation Bank which is one of the leading players in the participation banking sector.

Türkiye Finans Participation Bank brings in Turkey the experience and know-how of NCB, which has been operating since 1953, and aims at facilitating banking operations for its customers by prioritizing customer satisfaction with its motto “Turkey's Finance”.

Türkiye Finans has the mission of making its customers feel safe and accordingly take a new initiative in 2013 in order to implement changes and improvements in business processes with its Customer Experience and Multi-Channel Strategy Project. During this new period, the bank entered into a stronger track of growth by advancing its use of experience, new products, as well as technologies.

Successfully conducting its sustainable banking practices on the bases of “good banking” and “good corporate citizenship”, Türkiye Finans Participation Bank provides innovative and high value-added products, services and solutions to its broad customer base in commercial/corporate banking, SME banking, and retail banking segments with its strong service platform that consists of effective alternative distribution channels.

Türkiye Finans​ Participation Bank, “Turkey's Finance”, grows at the centre of participation banking with its innovative products, making good use of technologies, and will continue to provide its services while growing stronger and maintaining its leadership position in the sector. ​