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About Türkiye Finans

About Türkiye Finans

​​​​​​​​​​With the Saudi National Bank​ as its main shareholder, Türkiye Finans is a leading company that has achieved a remarkable transformation, underpinned by its “growth reflex”, deeply-rooted knowhow, experience and its vision to carve out a name for itself in the future of our country’s participation banking.

Türkiye Finans was established in 2005 with the merger between Anadolu Finans, was the first special finance corporation in Turkey, founded in 1991 with 100% domestic funds, and Family Finans, which operated in the participation banking sector between 1985 and 2001 under the name of the Faisal Finans Kurumu. This union of strengths was established in order to generate more value for Turkey and to bolster the competitive advantages of both entities.

The merger between Anadolu Finans and Family Finans was approved by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) on 28 December 2005. The name of the Bank was changed to Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası A.Ş. on 30 December 2005.

This merger brought new growth momentum into the participation banking sector and Türkiye Finans quickly became one of biggest participation banks in Turkey.

A new era of momentous change and transformation at Türkiye Finans began on 31 March 2008 when the Saudi National Bank (SNB) acquired a 60% stake in the Bank.

With the participation in the SNB, which is one of the largest capital in the Middle East area, Türkiye Finans assumed a new and reinforced corporate identity, bringing a new breath of fresh air to participation banking, whose target audience had been growing steadily.

Türkiye Finans: A face of participation banking looking ahead

Having shaped its objectives and road map for growth in line with the principles of participation banking, Türkiye Finans continues its operations with the aim of ongoing improvement in technological infrastructure, business processes and service approach through a customeroriented understanding.

Thanks to its integrated channeling strategy, Türkiye Finans continuously digitalizes its services through a rapid, uninterrupted and high quality customer experience, and offers its customers a wide range of transactions and services with diversity in distribution channels through ongoing technological investments.

Taking firm steps towards sustainable growth, Türkiye Finans offers an innovative and high value-added products, services and solutions to a wide range of customers in the commercial and corporate banking and retail banking segments through its strong service platform which was comprised of 3,499 employees, 316 ​branches and effective alternative distribution channels as of the end of 31​.05.2022.​