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Foreign Trade & Financing

Foreign Trade & Financing

​With Türkiye Finans Internet Branch, FX Transfers Are Only One Click Away

Your FX (Swift) transfers through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch will take only minutes.

Use the “Fund Transfers/FX Transfers (Swift)” step available at the Internet Branch to transfer foreign currency to anywhere in the world and easily access the Swift message of your transfers.

Notes for FX Transfer (Swift) through Internet Branch

  • You can only perform FX transfer (SWIFT) using your FC deposit account.
  • For foreign currencies in which you do not have an account, open a new account in this currency using “Accounts/Open New Account” and then perform your FX transfer.
  • You can only use your deposit TL account to pay the FX transfer fee.
  • Monitor your FX transfer limit on the screen that you will open following the “Authorization Settings/Limit Details” step.
  • In a single transaction for invisible cost items (example: transportation, tourism, insurance, financial services, other business services and personal services), your international transfer amount may not 5000 USD or the equivalent amount in other currencies.
  • The “earliest (minimum) effective date” and “latest (maximum) effective date” for your transfer transactions for each currency are shown at the moment of transaction.
  • Follow “FX Transfers/Track Swift” steps to view your Swift message generated at the conclusion of the transfer.
  • Perform your FX Transfers using the Bank BIC (Swift) code, or the “bank/city” information if you do not know the Bank BIC (Swift) code.
  • Bank BIC (Swift) codes are made up of 11 digits. Türkiye Finans BIC (Swift) Code is AFKBTRISXXX. You must enter the fist 8 characters. The last three characters, XXX, are automatically completed.
  • In many countries, including EU Countries, it is mandatory to use IBAN (International Bank Account Number). For FX transfers to these countries, IBAN information must also be entered.
  • You can receive both domestic and international FX transfers into your Türkiye Finans​ accounts. To do this, you only need to notify our bank’s BIC (Swift) code, your name-surname and account number/IBAN to the transfer sender.