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FX Cheque Transactions

​​​Through Türkiye Finans, you can collect any travel cheque, bank cheque, personal or corporate cheque issued by foreign banks and institutions in convertible currencies, and have Türkiye Finans issue a FX cheque. ​

Sending Cheque for Collection

Through Türkiye Finans, you can collect your FX cheques which are drawn abroad and held under your company portfolio.

Your cheques are sent for collection through our correspondent bank channel, and once collected, they will be transferred to your company account as soon as possible.

Sending FX Cheque

Through Türkiye Finans, you can have cheques issued in any convertible currency, and use your drawn cheques in any of your domestic or international trade transaction.

The transfer of FX cheques sent to Türkiye Finans for collection from any domestic or international bank is completed by Türkiye Finans as soon as possible.