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Corporate Internet Branch

​​​​​Our Corporate Internet Branch always stands by our corporate customers, with customized solutions that expedite their business flows, and which best meet their expectations of control and security effectively!

Provide for the needs of your company at our Corporate Internet Branch, quickly and easily,participate in life digitally. At the Corporate Internet Branch, you can easily handle Check & Promissory Note Operations, SWIFT Transfers, Member workplace transactions. Foreign Trade Transactions (Imports / Exports File Monitoring), Payment of Taxes, Social Security Premiums and Salaries.

Lives of corporate customers are easier, thanks to the authorization packages and hierarchical approval structure provided within the Corporate Internet Banking service.

More Effective and Secure Use, with the Authorization Packages that you will Select Based on Your Requirements

You can select either one of the “Supervisory Package”, “Entry Package” or “View Package” and start operations right away.

  • Users under the Supervisory Package are authorized for all transactions, and they can approve the transactions entered by additional users.
  • Transactions entered by users under the Entry Package need to be approved by a user authorized to approve. Transaction is realized after the approval.
  • Users under the View Package can use the Internet Branch only for information purposes; they cannot carry out a financial transaction. For example, they can view account balances, but cannot carry out transactions such as money transfers or foreign exchange trading.

Besides, “Hierarchically Approved Money Transfer” feature enables you to control the money transfer transactions of the additional users you specify. The system does not allow a money transfer unless it is approved by yourselves or another person you authorize.

How to Apply for the Corporate Internet Branch?

You can apply for the Corporate Internet Banking​ service at the nearest branch, presenting the notarized signature circular of the persons authorized to represent your company, or the photocopy of the trade registry gazette indicating the authority of the related person.

What Needs to be Done at First Log On to the Corporate Internet Branch

  • Click on “Corporate Internet Branch​” link at our website.
  • Enter your customer number, and the temporary password sent to your mobile phone. If you are an additional user, enter your user name.
  • Enter the one time password sent to your mobile phone as an SMS, to the related field.
  • After approving the agreement, specify your permanent password and pin, then you can start using the Internet Branch.
  • When entering the Corporate Internet Branch, you need not wait for an SMS pin, thanks to the Cep Onay feature. After you download the Mobile Branch application to your mobile phone and then enter this application, “Cep Onay ” feature is activated automatically. Then, when entering the Internet Branch, you only need to approve the notification sent to your mobile device.

Please click here​ for further information on the Mobile Branch.​

Account Transactions
  • Accounts
  • Account Activities
  • Opening a New Account
  • My Assets & Debts
  • Cash Flow
  • Group Accounts
  • Check/Note Monitoring
  • Contracted Merchant Transactions
  • Sending IBAN
  • Financial Planning
  • Updating Account Name
Money Transfers
  • Fast Money Transfer to a Predefined Recipient
  • EFT
  • Remittance
  • SWIFT Transactions (FX Transfer)
  • Collective Money Transfer (EFT/Remittance)
  • Money Transfer with File (EFT/Remittance)
  • Orders (future-dated transfer)
  • Favorite Transactions
  • Bill Payments
  • Salary Payments
  • Motor Vehicle Tax Payments
  • Traffic Fine Payments
  • Tax Payments
  • Customs Duty
  • SSI Payments
  • Donations
  • GSM TRY Top-up
  • Presidency of Religious Affairs Payments
  • Payment History
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Virtual Card Transactions
  • Debit Card Transactions
  • Faal Card Transactions
  • Card Password Transactions
  • Paying Debts
  • Giving Direct Debit Order
  • Linking Accounts
  • Shopping Settings
  • Point Transactions
  • Financing Accounts Monitoring
  • Faal Card Transactions
  • Foreign Trade

    • Import File Monitoring
    • Export File Monitoring
    • SWIFT Monitoring
  • Direct Collection System Monitoring
Investment Transactions
  • Stock Transactions
  • Fund Transactions
  • Lease Certificates
  • Investment Accounts Monitoring on the Real-Time Market Screen
  • Participation Accounts

    • Opening a Participation Account
    • Participation Account Monitoring
  • FX Transactions
  • Precious Metal Transactions
  • Arbitrage
  • Updating Details
  • Sending Portfolio by E-mail
Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow     

    • Income
    • Expenses
  • Debts
  • Assets
  • Business Card Application
  • Pratik Card Application
  • Faal Card Application
  • Opening a Checking Account
  • Opening a Participation Account
  • Contracted Merchant Application
  • Mobile Branch Application
  • Mobile Signature Application
  • Key/Mobile Password Application
​​Transaction Limits
Transaction Hours

*Transaction limits are daily, and constitute shared limit across Internet, Mobile and Telephone Banking. Please consult the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch to request limit increase.