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Finance Calculator


​​​​​​Financing​(Profit Rate: %)​

Amount of FinanceMonthly Installment AmountInstallment (months)​Profit RatioAllocation FeeLien Grant FeeAppraisement FeeTotal Repayment Amount

* "All costs payable to third parties including public authorities and institutions arising from appriasement and lien transactions shall be borne by the customer. Appraisement fee is calculated based on average costs. Appraisement fee may vary depending on the location of the real estate, and the minimum and maximum appraisement fees are TL 383,5 and TL 2,500, respectively.
* If requested, the customer may be recommended an insurance product along with the applicable loan.
* Please contact a branch to find out more information about the finance you wish to receive.

Repayment Plan

​​Number of InstallmentsInstallment AmountPrincipalProfit AmountKKDF Amount (Resource Utilization Support Fund)BITT AmountRemaining Principal Amount

* The information in the repayment scheme apply to equally re-paid finance extensions. Information therein may vary in cases of flexible repayment plans including delayed repayment and variable repayment.​