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Business Card

You can easily track all expenses made for your company by employees using Türkiye Finans Business Card. You can collect, on a single account statement, the expenses made using all cards you get issued in the name of your company, and then you are no longer required to separately track expenses of each employee.

Advantages to Card User Officers of Company

  • Türkiye Finans Business Card users do not need to make cash payments and to carry any cash.
  • Expenses made on behalf of the company can be separated from personal expenses easily.

Advantages to Companies

  • Seeing all expenses made on behalf of your company on a single account statement issued for the company provides ease in tracking and managing corporate expenses.
  • You can give employees of your company Business Cards with diversified limits set by you. This will ensure persons you identify will make all corporate expenses using this card up to limits set by you.
  • You can make payments collectively without dealing with such works as closing advances, preparing receipts.
  • You can have installment transactions made over POS in case of ON-US transactions.
  • As Business Cards will come in with a chip thereon the use of a pass code will give you greater security.
  • You will win Unit Points in 0.10% of the amount of any shopping you do at any store and in 0.15% of that of any shopping you do at contract stores of our Bank member businesses.
  • You may use unit points, collected using Business Cards, to pay the account statement debt.

Security and Chip Card

Türkiye Finans Cards come in with a Chip thereon to provide maximum security.

  • What is Chip Card?

    A type of card where card data is kept by a chip on the card instead of a magnetic band so as to boost Credit Card security.

  • Why are we changing over to Chip Cards?

    The chip technology minimizes security issues, such as copying, forgery, etc., occurring with magnetic cards.