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Shareholding Structure

​​National Commercial Bank is dominant and main shareholder that owns management control of Türkiye Finans through 67.03% share in paid-up capital.​

Name Surname / Business NameAmount of Share (TL)Share Ratio ​(%)
The National Commercial Bank (NCB)1,742,676,44767.03
Gözde Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş.274,838,18710.57
Other Shareholders582,485,36622.40​
​TOTAL2,600,000,000 100.00

About The National Commercial Bank (NCB) ​​

The National Commercial Bank was the first Saudi bank to be licensed in the Kingdom. It is considered the largest in the Saudi Arabia and a leading financial institution in the Region. In 1999, the Government through the Ministry of Finance's Public Investment Fund (PIF) acquired a majority holding in the Bank. 

NCB is one of the largest Bank in the Arab world. The Bank’s paid-up capital is US$ 5,333 million. Net profit for year 2015 totaled US$ 2,424 million. Return on average Shareholder’s Equity for fiscal year 2015 is 19.24%.

NCB serves a customer base of approximately 5 million people in Saudi Arabia, with 344 branches and 8,128 employees. The bank is using efficiently alternative distribution channels and is currently performing 92% of customer transactions through them.

NCB was awarded as the best  Islamic Bank of Saudi Arabia in 2015 by Euromoney & Islamic Finance News. ​