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EFT and Transfer


  • EFT system allows you to transfer funds from your Türkiye Finans account to any bank account.
  • You can perform your EFT transactions at any Türkiye Finans branch or through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch within minutes.
  • Türkiye Finans EFT Code is 206.


  • Our transfer service is available for TL or Foreign Currency transfers between Türkiye Finans branches.
  • You can also perform TL or Foreign Currency transfer to branches of Akbank, our correspondent bank.
  • Your transfers to Akbank are performed offline.

Online Transactions

  • Through Garanti Bank, you can deposit or withdraw cash into or from your account at our bank.
  • Your withdrawals through Garanti Bank are performed online up to 10,000 TL. For withdrawals higher than 10,000 TL, the provision of Türkiye Finans is required.
  • Garanti Bank charges deposit and withdrawal transactions.
  • Cheque payments up to 25,000 TL, USD or EUR through Garanti Bank are performed online. For cheque transactions higher than 25,000 TL, USR or EUR, the provision of Türkiye Finans is required.
  • For cheque payments through Garanti Bank, the bank will charge its own bank commission fee.

Fund Transfer from PTT to Türkiye Finans

Wherever you are in Turkey, you can transfer funds or deposit cash into Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası accounts at no charge via any PTT office.

You can complete a PTT Transfer Order at any PTT office to perform transfer to Türkiye Finans.

Information Required in PTT Transfer Order

  • Sender full name (title)
  • Sender’s address
  • Turkish Identity Number and Türkiye Finans IBAN number for natural persons
  • Tax ID Number and Türkiye Finans IBAN number for legal entities
  • Transfer/Deposit amount (in figures and letters)
  • Türkiye Finans Branch name where the receiver account is held
  • Receiver (Account holder) full name (title)
  • Receiver (Account holder) account number
  • Statement that the account into which fund is deposited is a current or participation account.