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Cheque-Bond Transactions

Cheque-Bond Transactions
  • You can obtain cheque book lined to your Cheque Account opened at Türkiye Finans, and use your cheque book to make your payment without suffering cash shortage.
  • You can collect various types of bank cheque at any Türkiye Finans branch.
  • Collect from Türkiye Finans branches any of your Foreign Currency cheque drawn on a bank that is a member to the Foreign Currency Cheque Clearing System.
  • You can engage Türkiye Finans intermediation services for collections of the bonds which you are the beneficiary of.
  • Benefit from the Continuous Cheque Printing Program if cheque is your most used method of payment. The program enables you to generate cheques automatically.

Please click the link below to download the Continuous Cheque Printing Program.

Continuous Cheque Printing Program (42.9 MB)

Put your payments under assurance with Cheque Assurance Insurance.

Please visit the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch to learn more about Cheque Assurance Insurance, and initiate your insurance procedures.