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About Individual Pension Scheme

About Individual Pension Scheme

​​Individual Pension Scheme is a scheme established to supplement your existing public social security schemes, providing a secondary pension income in addition to your pension from social security institutions.

It enables you to accumulate savings and make investments with your little savings in times of regular income.

Provided that you remain in the system for at least ten years from your system entrance date, you become entitled to pension upon completion of 56 years of age, and may prefer to receive your savings either as pension or as bulk payment.

Türkiye Finans and Interest-free Individual Pension

Türkiye Finans Individual Pension Scheme is comprised of individual pension funds that consist exclusively of interest-free investment instruments.

You can safely invest in your future with these funds, which include participation accounts, lease certificates, and the stocks that conform to participation banking principles.

Invest in your future and take the step into a peaceful pension life with 3 Individual Pension Funds, which have been formed under the agency agreement between Türkiye Finans and Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş.

Use Türkiye Finans Happy Card to pay your Individual Pension contributions to earn points equal to 0.2% of the.

Advantages of Individual Pension Scheme

  • Secure a second pension income in addition to your affiliated Social Security System.
  • Increase your savings with 25% government contribution.
  • Plan your pension scheme in accordance with your budget and investment principles.
  • Feel more peaceful as any savings you make as a Türkiye Finans customer will be utilized in interest-free funds.
  • Suspend and resume payments whenever you want.
  • The earlier you take part in the system, the more advantage you get.
  • Individual Pension funds are tax-exempt.
  • The contributions you deposit are under government guarantee.