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Gold Branch

Gold Branch

​​Each day, a different Türkiye Finans branch will serve as the “Gold Branch”. Gold Branches organize gold collection days to help you turn your gold, from bracelet and chain to quarter coins to 5-coin necklaces into investment without the risk of loss or theft.

On golden collection days, your accessories and gold are examined by experts from Istanbul Gold Refinery, appraised on basis of 24-carat gold and deposited to your account as gold.

The list of Gold Branches is published on our Website every month.

Advantages of Gold Branch

  • With Gold Branch, safely turn your stashed gold into investment without the risk of theft, loss, workmanship fee, or old date / new date worries.
  • Access your account 24 hours a day, and cash out your gold in times of need.
  • Reassign your savings to Gold Participation Account to earn the yield from the appreciation of gold as well as the profit share.
  • No Account Maintenance Fee.

Türkiye Finans Gram Gold

Any Türkiye Finans branch will safely meet any of your requests for gram gold for complimentary or savings purposes.

  • Purchase Türkiye Finans Gram Gold bearing Türkiye Finans logo in 1, 2,5, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 grams.
  • Purchase either with cash or using the gold available at your gold account.
  • Order “Custom Gram Gold” to make your beloved ones feel privileged with a custom card design containing your message and/or your name.
  • Through Türkiye Finans branches, you can also sell gram gold bearing Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR) logo. You can either receive the cash equivalent of your gold in cash or directly transfer the amount to your account.
  • For high-amount transactions, Türkiye Finans branches also offer trading in bullions of 1 kg or multiples thereof.