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Silver Participation Account

Silver Participation Account

​​Silver Participation Account is a type of participation account enabling you to gain profit share with your silver deposited to our bank on gram basis and with the term defined by you and to earn both the profit share and the yield arising from the appreciation of silver.*

Advantages of Silver Participation Account

  • Silver Participation Account enables you to utilize your silver investments safely.
  • You can earn profit share in gram-based silver at maturity of the determined term.
  • You can open your Silver Participation Account with a share rate of 50/50.
  • You can access any of your participation accounts through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch, and benefit the advantages that Türkiye Finans offers for participation accounts.

Features of Silver Participation Account

  • Silver Participation Account’s opening amount is 5000 grams at minimum.
  • Your Silver Participation Account will be traded on the basis of 1 YAG = 1 gram of silver (at the purity of 999/1000).
  • Silver Participation Account can be opened with an irregular term of 92 days at minimum.

How to open Silver Participation Account?

  • Please visit the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch or access Türkiye Finans Internet Branch or Türkiye Finans Mobile Branch to open your Silver Participation Account.

* Participation accounts are closed if the balance falls below the account opening lower limit, and the remaining balance is transferred to the current account.