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Participation Index

Participation Index

These are the exchange indexes comprised of stocks traded at BIST, in accordance with Participation Banking principles.

The Participation Index is launched by Bizim Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş., with calculation and data distribution handled by BIST.

All Participation Banks are the Index Sponsors. They set the minimum standards and supported the launch of the index.

Participation Index Types

Participation 30 Index

  • Comprised of 30 stocks.
  • Updated quarterly during financial statement periods.

Participation 50 Index

  • Comprised of 50 stocks.
  • Have the same features as Participation 30 Index.
  • Updated quarterly during financial statement periods.

Participation Model Portfolio Index

  • Comprised of 13 stocks.
  • Updated biweekly
  • Comprised of Group A and B stocks traded at BIST National Market and Collective Products Market, including Real Estate Investment Trusts and Venture Capital Investment Funds.
  • Active management using basic ratios in index creation (P/E, FF/EBITDA, B/P)

Areas of Operation of the Companies Constituting the Participation Fund

Participation Fund is comprised of the companies not operating in the areas listed below.

  • Interest-based finance, trade, service, intermediation
  • Alcoholic beverages, gambling, games of chance
  • Pork and similar foods
  • Tourism, entertainment, press, publication, advertisement
  • Tobacco products, arms
  • Future dated trading of gold, silver or forex

Financial Features of the Companies Comprising the Participation Index

  • Total interest rate loans of the companies should be lower than 30% of their market value.
  • Interest-bearing cash and securities should be lower than 30% of their market value.
  • The revenue from said areas of operation should not be higher than 5% of the total revenue.

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