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Mortgage Finance for Foreigners

Mortgage Finance for Foreigners

Advantageous Housing Finance for Foreigners Who Wish to Purchase a House in Turkey

Mortgage Finance for Foreigners finances non-Turkish residents of Turkey who wish to purchase a house with the most convenient conditions.

Visit the nearest Türkiye Finans branch to apply and get further information about the Mortgage Finance for Foreigners.

Features of the Mortgage Finance for Foreigners

  • An alternative payment plan can be prepared with up to a 120-month period at convenient profit and allocation fee rates.
  • Financing support offered may represent up to 75% of the expertise value for the soon-to-be-owned-house.
  • The valuation for the real estate is conducted by independent companies licensed by Capital Markets Board (CMB).
  • If the foreigner’s residence is registered abroad TRL, Foreign Exchange Loan and Foreign Currency Loan may be extended. Loans are extended only in TRL for those residing in Turkey.

Application Criterias for Mortgage Finance for Foreigners

  • The applicant should file mortgage request directly at our bank for financing support or issue a letter of proxy for a lawyer/individual in Turkey authorized to use loans and sign loan contracts.
  • The application documents to be submitted should be issued in the official language of applicant’s country of origin.
  • Issued in abroad, these documents are required to be certified by the authorized bodies in the country of issue and bear an “apostille” confirming that they are duly issued. The apostille is valid for the member states of the 1961 Hague Convention.
  • Documents bearing an apostille should be translated into Turkish by sworn translators in Turkey and the translations should be certified by a notary public office.
  • If the country of origin (like United Arab Emirates) is not a party to the above-mentioned Convention for apostilles, the documents issued in the official language of that country should be certified first by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then by Turkish Consulate.
  • The certified documents should be translated into Turkish by sworn translators in Turkey and the translations should be certified by notary.
  • As per the procedures and principles specified in the national regulations pertaining to the real estate acquisition by foreigners, the applicant is required to receive permission from the relevant authorities before the sale is performed in the directorate of land registry.
  • Real estates bearing the ‘sales unavailable to foreigners’ note are out of coverage.