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2+1=4 Mortgage

2+1=4 Mortgage

2+1=4 Mortgage is housing finance support that allows you to benefit from Türkiye Finans banking and insurance products that make your life easier, while offering you discounts for any terms at rates announced by our branches.

Along with the application for Finance Security Insurance, you can select two other banking products that you have not used and start enjoying the benefits of 2+1= 4 Mortgage, which offers 0,04 points of discount for any terms of housing finance at rates announced by our branches.

Features of 2+1=4 Mortgage

  • You should first apply for Finance Security Insurance before choosing two of the other products, to benefit from the discount period rates.
  • If you already have 2 or more of the products you are required to choose, you should additionally buy 2 more products to benefit from 2+1=4 Mortgage.
  • Financing support offered may represent up to 75% of the expertise value for the soon-to-be-owned-house.

Türkiye Finans Products You Can Choose for 2+1=4 Mortgage Application

  • 3 Automatic Payment Orders
  • Türkiye Finans Credit Card
  • Emergency Health Insurance
  • My Wallet Insurance
  • Secure Household Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Visit the nearest Türkiye Finans branch to apply and get further information about the 2+1=4 Mortgage Finance.