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e-Participation Account

e-Participation Account

​​​e-Participation Account is a type of participation account which you can open through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch and which offers profit shares exclusive to the Internet branch.*

Advantages of e-Participation Account

  • Easily open your e-Participation Account through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch, without having to visit the branch.
  • e-Participation Account offers advantageous profit share rates exclusive to the Internet Branch.
  • Open your e-Participation Account at long-term to secure advantage in withholding tax rates in addition to lucrative profit share rates.

How to open e-Participation Account?

  • To open an e-Participation Account, follow Türkiye Finans Internet Branch > Accounts Menu > Open Account steps.

* Participation accounts are closed if the balance falls below the account opening lower limit, and the remaining balance is transferred to the current account.