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Active Account

Active Account

​​​​​Active Account is a type of participation account which you can open on yearly basis and which pays profit rate at interim maturities defined by you.*

Advantages of Active Account

  • Withdraw the profit share of your Active Account at the interim periods you define. Interim periods can be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually, at your option.
  • Withdraw money before the maturity for a maximum of two times without terminating the term. The total amount withdrawn may not exceed 50% of the principal.
  • Active Account provides advantageous conditions for withholding tax rates.
  • You can access any of your participation accounts through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch, and benefit the advantages that Türkiye Finans offers for participation accounts.

Features of Active Account

  • Account opening amount is 25,000 TL/USD/EUR at minimum.
  • You can open your Active Account with interim profit share payments on quarterly, biannual or annual basis.
  • Profit share is paid to the current account of your choice.

* Participation accounts are closed if the balance falls below the account opening lower limit, and the remaining balance is transferred to the current account.