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Smart Account

Smart Account

​​​ Türkiye Finans Smart Account is a type of participation account by which you enjoy long-term high-profit share yields, determine the term yourself in accordance with your spending plan and benefit from advantageous banking services.

Advantages of Smart Account

  • Utilize advantageous profit share pools for amounts up to 250,000 TL or 100,000 USD-EURO.
  • Determine the term of your account yourself, in accordance with your spending plan. Open your account for any term you wish, from 31 days at minimum up to 1 year at maximum.
  • The term of your account will not terminate if you withdraw partially before the maturity, and you can receive your profit share over the remaining amount at maturity.
  • Utilize your savings at long term to benefit from high profit-share yields available under Türkiye Finans long-term Participation Accounts and withholding advantages.
  • Up to 5 EFT and 5 Transfer transactions through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch are free.
  • You can access any of your participation accounts through Türkiye Finans Internet Branch, and benefit the advantages that Türkiye Finans offers for participation accounts.

* Over the announced share rate notified to CBRT.

Features of Smart Account

  • Smart Account is not applicable to Active Accounts and Precious Metal Accounts.
  • Account opening amount is 250 TL/USD/EUR at minimum.