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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Having renewed its corporate identity in 2018 with the “Bank of Participation in Life” strategy, Türkiye Finans further grows its objectives each day with an innovative approach.

Changing the dynamics of not only its customers, but also the dynamics of the sector it engages in, Türkiye Finans ensures sustainability of its strategy of participating in life through social responsibility projects that contribute to the society, while launching products and services that have never been introduced to the sector before.

Corporate Social Responsibility Project:

“Lend a Heart to Children”

In our journey that we embarked upon as the “Bank of Participation in Life,” we aimed at the most important aspect of life to fuel our social responsibility projects, and we made our choice with kids.

We initiated a new social responsibility project titled “Lend a Heart to Children” in 2018. As the first step of the project, we launched a campaign themed “One more book from you, for a future brimming with hope” to establish a library in regions in need.

In the first leg of the project, book boxes were placed on the Headquarters premises and all branches to collect children’s books. We collected over 8,000 books, very quickly, in the campaign our customers and employees contributed to with book donations. Through the support of the Kindness Club founded within the bank by our employees, we sent up to 1,000 storybooks to 6 schools in 6 provinces, including Manisa, Uşak, Urfa, Sinop, Sivas and Kütahya. At Türkiye Finans, we aim to reach more children and establish more children’s books libraries as the campaign extends to 2019 in order to enable children adopt the habit of reading, which is important for their education, and for emphasizing the importance of reading.

Türkiye Finans-Koruncuk Collaboration

We opened a “Türkiye Finans IT and Language Laboratory” at the Cultural Center in the Koruncuk Foundation’s Bolluca Children’s village with computers donated to the foundation, as part of Türkiye Finans’ social responsibility project “Lend a Heart to Children.” We attained small but significant support in order to ensure equality of opportunities in education.