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​​Sponsorships Projects​

Türkiye Finans takes it as a social responsibility mission to protect and pass down the country’s cultural heritage and traditioal values to the next generations, and derives pride in supporting the projects that add value to our society.

Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Tournaments

The Historic Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Tournaments, the world’s second oldest sports event after the Olympics with a history of 650 years, is now organized under Türkiye Finans​ sponsorship.

We believe that we assume a significant mission in social and cultural ends of sustainability by supporting the Historic Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Tournament, which is featured in the UNESCO List of Intangible World Cultural Heritage.

Our commitment for support started in 2013 and will continue for 3 years, as part of which we aim to spread, pass down, and improve awareness of oil wrestling and promote it as a universal value.

Exhibition: “Dialogue in the Dark”

We support the Exhibition: “Dialogue in the Dark”, which enables visitors to experience the daily life in a completely dark environment without using their sight, so that it is also experienced by Istanbulites.

Since 1988, the exhibition has been visited by 7 million people across 130 cities globally, aiming to change the perception and improve the awareness of the visitors by having them experience their daily lives in the city in a completely dark environment.

As part of our sponsorship for the exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark”, we ensure that the city life in Istanbul is rebuilt in the eyes of those without sight and the visitors will “see” Istanbul and experience visits to key venues without their sight.

Anatolian Brands Competition

Over the last 3 years, we have kept supporting the Anatolian Brands competition, organized to raise awareness towards non-Istanbul based Turkish companies that take major steps towards branding.

Türkiye Finans​ helms the project to promote branding awareness, and bring together and recognize branding strategies and branding success stories in non-Istanbul provinces.

Down Cafe Project

Down Cafe has been operating in Şişli since 2011 to encourage the youth with Down Syndrome to participate in social life and work, and starts to service in different points of Istanbul with the launch of Mobile Down Cafe​ application.

We support the Mobile Down Cafe project by financing two vehicles and granting food aid, and by this project we aim for social integration and employment of the disabled youth and improvement of societal awareness about this matter.

International Mediterranean Games

During the International Mediterranean Games XVII, organized in Mersin between 20-30 June 2013, we served all participants for their banking and financial transactions through two fixed and two mobile branches that we established in Mersin and Adana.

We are proud of our service during this major event, which debuted in Egypt in 1951, is considered the most important sports organization after the Olympics, and is the stage for competition in many sports branches.