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Türkiye Finans’ Milestones


The addition of foreign stocks and investment funds to the TFXTarget application was a first in the Participation Banking sector, with the number of active customers using the app reaching 126,000 by the end of 2021.​​​

Permission was granted for a lease certificate issuance ceiling of TL 15 billion, and TL 15.2 billion of lease certificate issuances were made during the year.

The Bank’s credit card turnover increased by 109% while the number of active credit cards also grew by 28%.

The service of Account Opening by Video Call was introduced, and credit and debit card applications started to be received through this service.

Our “Premium Banking” services were brought together under the roof of Âlâ in February and we started to offer banking services full of advantages to our wealthy customers and their families.

20,000 saplings were donated under the aid campaign launched by the TEMA Foundation with the slogan “Together, we will regenerate life and hope!”.

We became the first and only participation bank in Turkey to win the “ISA 2021 - International Occupational Safety Award” awarded by the British Safety Council. The funds increased by 47% to TL 84.5 billion.


​A number of new applications were implemented in 2020 under the motto of “No Phobia for SMEs!”, including Digital Transformation in Cash Management, FAST and KOLAS which provide ease in money transfers without requiring an IBAN number, on a 24/7 basis, the Virtual IBAN which allows ease in collection, availability of our collection cheques, guarantee cheques and letters of guarantee in the channels in a self-service format, and infrastructure which we developed to automatically verify instructions with an e-signature.

TFXTarget Mobile, our investor platform which allows instant monitoring of global markets, became an investment platform which appeals to different investor profiles with added stock and mutual fund features. TFXTarget customers, who can trade in foreign currency and precious metals at real-time and preferential exchange rates, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, are now able to make use of their savings with the best investment tools by trading stocks and mutual funds.

The number of active digital customers increased by 34% compared to 2019. Meanwhile, the number of financial transactions increased by 36% and the number of customers gained through digital channels increased by 136%.

In 2020, we introduced our “Fast Finance” product, a first in participation banking, which stands out with its digital infrastructure and convenience. With the “Fast Finance” product, we offer financing to meet consumer needs and vehicle financing with thousands of contracted dealers by moving consumer finance out of the branch, and where our customers can access financing services when they need them, without having to go to the bank.

In 2020, a total of TL 7.55 billion worth of lease certificates were issued within the scope of the issuing ceiling of two lease certificates of TL 5 billion which we received in the year

In partnership with Fast Company, one of Turkey’s most prestigious economic publications, the webinar series titled as “Back to Production”, which attracted a number of business leaders, was implemented as part of our bank’s vision based on contributing to production and the real sector.

The “JEST” flexible working model, in which we offer our employees the opportunity to work flexibly both in time and in space, was implemented.


ATM penetration was increased, with the number of ATMs rising from 610 points at the end of 2018 to more than 8,700 ATM points in cooperation with the PTT and Yapı Kredi, offering the widest ATM network after the public banks.

The Bank issued a total of TL 8,400 million in lease certificates in 2019 in line with the lease debt certificate issuance ceiling.

As of end of 2019 the number of active customers in the mobile branch had grown by 49% YoY while the number of financial transactions also recorded 72% growth.

“Daily Account” product was launched in 2019 through which the customers’ savings are evaluated on daily basis.

New services including ATM cash placement for contractual firms, customs tax payments via SMS, Support Check, supplier financing were in Cash Management.

​The “Lend a Heart to Children” project, which was initiated within the social responsibility work, continued with the “Don’t Let Children Get Cold This Winter” campaign as nearly 1,400 children in 50 village schools in 14 provinces sent winter shoes. Within the context of the “Türkiye Finans Lend a Heart to Children” project, parks were established with the Bank’s Charity Club members in the Silvan and Çermik districts of Diyarbakır, in addition to painting the classrooms and exterior walls of the schools.


Head Office building was opened with the participation of the Senior Management from the National Commercial Bank (NCB) on March 23, 2018.

The Bank launched its internal and external communication activities with its new look within the scope of Corporate Identity renewal project on May 14, 2018.

In July 2018, the Information Systems Business Group took on its first executive candidates through the MT Program

The number of branches reached 306 after 20 new branch openings in 2018.

In accordance with the Bank’s social responsibility work, the “Lend a Heart to Children” (Çocuklara Gönül Ver) project was initiated with the contribution of customers and employees, through which more than 8,000 books were collected and libraries were established in schools, reaching around 1,000 children. Within the context of the project, the Türkiye Finans IT and Language Lab was opened in the Bolluca Children’s Village Cultural Center with the computers donated to Koruncuk Foundation.

Developed for firms to manage their working capital, “Flexible Support Financing (FSF)” was launched in mid-2018, a first in participation banking.

Within the framework of participation banking principles, the “Problem Solving Financing” product was initiated to meet the indispensable needs of customers.

As of end of 2018, the number of ATMs increased to 610, up from 587 in 2017.​

As Türkiye Finans we changed our corporate identity entering a new period that we will stand out with our innovative products and services in order to be a bank for everyone with the motto “Participating in Life”.

We renewed our branches, ATM’s, website, internet and mobile branch with our new corporate identity.​


Türkiye Finans R&D Center established on February 21st, 2017.

Türkiye Finans becomes the third bank to have an R&D Center in the sector.

Became leader among participation banks by allocating TL 3.5 billion Credit Guarantee Fund in 2017.

Maintained leadership position among participation banks with respect to the number of POS and POS revenues.

Launched “Bol Kepçe” (Big Ladle) innovative product that combines the participation account and lease certificates. The product is the first of its kind in the participation banking product range

First management trainees joined the bank in July 2017 under the MT Program.

Moved to the new Umraniye head office in May 2017.

Sales Service Model launched in July 2017, where branches were split into commercial and retail branches, and regional structures renewed.

Launched TFXTARGET Mobile Application in October 2017.


In 2016, the Bank notched up a 41% YoY increase in turnover from its 45,000 POS devices. The Bank ranks first among the participation banks in terms of the number of POS devices and the turnover from these devices.

In 2016, the new internet branch offered fast, user-friendly and uninterrupted services which exceeded customer expectations.

The Bank offered effective financing solutions, especially for solar energy projects. It raised the project financing loan volume by 30% YoY to TL 2.6 billion.

The number of active customers in the mobile branch grew by 74% YoY while the number of financial transactions grew by 82% YoY. The Bank’s all mobile banking applications were downloaded more than 180,000 times in 2016.


Our corporate website was renovated to integrate a modern and user-friendly interface in May 2015, enabling customers to easily and rapidly find what they seek on all devices.

In 2015, the Bank issued TRY 360M of SUKUK in Malaysia, and TRY 1.1B of SUKUK in Turkey, through asset leasing companies among its subsidiaries.

Turkey’s largest operational asset leasing company, “TF Varlık Kiralama A.Ş.”, one of the bank’s subsidiaries, accomplished to issue TRY 250M, which is the largest domestic issuance performed at a time in Turkey.

The bank issued a leasing certificate of TRY 243M, the corporate customers of which are fund users, through its asset leasing companies.

The first overseas branch of Türkiye Finans opened in Bahrain. The number of branches increased up to 286.


Türkiye Finans’s first Sustaniability Report became the first and only report among Turkish deposit and participation banks to be rated A+ by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Mobile Branch app updated to expand to Windows Phone users.

Secured a murabaha syndicated loan worth of 350 million USD, arranged by 21 banks from 12 countries.

Issued the first sukuk in Malaysian Ringgit, worth of 800 million MYR. Said issuance stands as the largest sukuk issued by a foreign institution in Malaysian Ringgit.

Türkiye Finans Customer Contact Center began to offer services in English and then in Arabic, thus capable of telephone banking service in 3 languages.

Increased the number of branches to 280.

​Increased the paid-up capital to 2 billion 600 million TRY.


Launched the card fee-free credit card Happy Zero and the Turkey’s first mother-tailored credit card Happy Anne.

Launched Haremeyn Card, offering privileges in hajj and umrah visits, and Haremeyn Şua card, showing the quibla on the compass it features.

Launched Siftah Card, offering SME customers the option of installment purchase over cash payment price, and Faal Card, targeting tradesmen and businesses.

Secured the then-largest murabaha syndicated loan of the participation banking scene, worth of 500 million USD.

Launched “Akıllı Hesap”, the time deposit product offering lucrative profit shares and other advantages.

Sponsored the exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark”, visited by more than 7 million people across 130 cities.

Undertook the commitment to support The Historic Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Tournament, added to the List of UNESCO Intangible World Cultural Heritage, for 3 years.

Overhauled Türkiye Finans Mobile Branch with a new, user-friendly interface.

Increased the number of branches to 250.

Increased the paid-up capital to 1 billion 775 million TRY.


Overhauled its corporate identity and chose Turkey’s trademark color turquoise as its corporate color to emphasize its stance as the more accessible, active, sincere and innovative bank.

Secured the then-largest murabaha syndicated loan, worth of 350 million USD.

Launched “Finansör”, the first of its kind in participation banking that provides consumer financing in card form.

Launched the new range of housing finance products: “Çilingir Mortgage”.

Sponsored the Anatolian Brands Competition to spread the awareness for branding across Anatolia.

Increased the number of branches to 220.

Increased the paid-up capital to 1 billion 650 million TRY.


Secured the then-largest murabaha syndicated loan, worth of 300 million USD.

Received BBB in foreign currency credit rating from the international credit rating agency Fitch, becoming one of the top five Turkish banks with the highest credit rating.

Increased the number of branches to 182.


Launched “Organik BES”, Turkey’s first interest-free Individual Pension Scheme (IPS).


Launched SMS Banking service with electronic signature.

Increased the number of branches to 178.

Increased the paid-up capital to 800 million TRY.


National Commercial Bank (NBC), the bank with the largest capital in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, acquired 60% of Türkiye Finans and became the bank’s controlling shareholder.

Launched commercial credit cards (“Business Card” and “Ticari Kart”) targeting corporate and commercial customers, to the use of the business world.

Launched GPRS POS product, offering Mobile POS service to cabs.

Increased the number of branches to 137.

Increased the paid-up capital to 292 million TRY.


Increased the number of branches to 122.

Increased the paid-up capital to 279 million TRY.


Founded upon merger of Family Finans and Anadolu Finans with a paid-up capital of 250 million TRY, Türkiye Finans began operating on December 30, 2005, with a network of 108 branches.​