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Announcement about Number Portability01 January 2008

In the Cell Phone Number Portability system, customers may pass from one operator to another without changing their current cell phone number and area code. If you make such an operator change, our Bank records must be updated in order that we, Türkiye Finans, can offer you better quality and faster service.

You can change the operator information for your cell phone number registered with our Bank, by calling Customer Communications Center at 0850 222 22 44 ​hours a day for 7 days a week or by applying to any of our branches.

In case you change your cell phone operator,

  • Number portability will have no impact on your SMS transmissions if you use Mobile Pass Code for Internet Branch transaction approvals;
  • You will need to make a new application to your new operator, as, if you have Mobile Signature, such membership will be cancelled as a result of the subscriber change;
  • The payment instruction given by you before moving your number will continue for amounts billed or to be billed by your former operator and will not be effective for your new operator. You can issue payment instructions for your invoices from your new operator on the Internet Branch and at Türkiye Finans​​ branches.
  • You can load credits, pay bills and load credits to other numbers through Internet Banking and ATMs; and
  • SMS texts you send to SMS Branch at 0 532 444 2 444 to find out Account, FX rate and profit share information through your cell phone will not change.