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Advantageous "Rental Package" from Türkiye Finans10 January 2009

​​Türkiye Finans, the pioneering participation bank in Turkey offers and advantageous Rental Package for householders. The householders who are included in the Rental Package will benefit from the privileged services provided by the bank.

Türkiye Finans offers the advantages of the “Rental Package” to householders who are obliged by law to receive rental incomes over TL 500 through bank accounts. Householders will enjoy free of charge banking transactions as well as special discounts and the chance to win prizes through the Rental Package.

No fees shall be charged to householders included in the “Rental Package” for money transfers and EFT transactions to be made through Türkiye Finans and TL 10 worth of bonus will be deposited in their credit cards. Householders will benefit from the opportunity to receive a 10 percent special discount for their loan requests in this privileged package. Those householders who wish to protect their valuable property in safe deposit boxes will benefit from a 50 percent discount regarding safe deposit box services.

The householders, who are included in Türkiye Finans Rental Package services, will be offered with the opportunity to benefit from the “active account” with higher income, allowing the profit shares to be withdrawn any time without invalidating the term, in case they wish to deposit their savings over TL/ USD/EURO 10 thousand with Türkiye Finans​. Householders who wish to benefit from the advantageous Rental Package offered by Türkiye Finans are kindly invited to our branches and to our web site at ​​​ for further information.