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High Ratings from Fitch to Turkiye Finans30 January 2012

The global ratings agency Fitch has announced its ratings for Türkiye Finans. Taking part in the Fitch's rating assessment for the first time, Turkiye Finans has ranked among the top five banks with highest ratings in Turkey.

The global rating agency Fitch has rated Türkiye Finans for the first time and assigned the organization a national rating of AAA, Long-term local currency Issuer Default Rating of BBB and Foreign Currency IDR as BBB-. Türkiye Finans​, a pioneering organization in participation banking, has ranked among the top five banks in Turkey with its strong capital structure and robust asset structure.

Commenting on Fitch’s rating, Derya Gürerk, General Manager of Türkiye Finans says: "The high ratings reflect an independent assessment of Türkiye Finans​’s strong structure and development plans. As Türkiye Finans, it is the first time we take part in Fitch's rating assessment and we are pleased to see our bank rank among the top 5 banks of Turkey in this first rating."