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Individual Pension System from Türkiye Finans25 January 2010

With Türkiye Finans and Garanti Emeklilik partnership, participation bank customers, too, will benefit by the advantages of the individual pension system.

Türkiye Finans​​, a leading participation bank in Turkey, prepares to enter into partnership with Garanti Emeklilik, a leading company of its sector, on Individual Pension. Türkiye Finans, which will also start a first in the participation banking sector with this partnership, will support its customers desiring to invest in their future through the Individual Pension System.

With Türkiye Finans and Garanti Emeklilik partnership, participation bank customers will now benefit by the advantages of the Individual Pension System and can invest in their future. Türkiye Finans customers, who can invest in the Individual Pension System through Income-indexed notes, may have the benefit of the tax advantage available under the Individual Pension System.

Yunus Nacar: “We have made a tradition of offering innovative solutions”

Yunus Nacar, General Manager of Türkiye Finans, who made statements on the newly established partnership at the press meeting held at Hotel Çırağan on Tuesday, April 6, said “As a leader of participation banking, we have made a tradition of offering innovative solutions to our customers. The partnership we made with Garanti Emeklilik is one of the last examples of this. As Türkiye Finans and Garanti Emeklilik we are glad to be introducing the IPFS system to participation banking for the first time in Turkey”.

Mr. Nacar has underlined that the Individual Pension product packages offered by Türkiye Finans is composed of interest-free investment instruments: “Interest-free funds have been added to pension funds consisting of various investment instruments, thus offering a new alternative to investor profiles. Our customers have reached an investment opportunity to secure their future by means of such funds”.

Erhan Adalı, General Manager of Garanti Emeklilik, stressed their objective to get Individual Pension reaching a much wider base thanks to the partnership they made with Türkiye Finans. Adalı said, “As the most preferred pension company in the number of participants with 64,000 new customers in 2009 and a market share of 26%, we adopt a mission of reaching more participants and further expand the individual pension system by accommodating any investment preference. We are glad that we will get the Individual Pension System reaching a much wider base by means of the synergy we have built with Türkiye Finans, one of the leading participation banks in Turkey, besides Garanti Bankası, our main distribution channel.” .

Türkiye Finans​​, being the participation bank with the widest network of branches in Turkey owing to its 182 branches, will give detailed information and offer various product packages to its customers applying for IPFS through its branches.