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'Outstanding Achievement' Award to Türkiye Finans Web Site30 January 2011

With its corporate web site, Türkiye Finans was chosen for the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award at Interactive Media Awards held by Interactive Media Council.

Türkiye Finans​ corporate web site designed and updated by Türkiye Finans Web Design Team received the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award in the banking category at Interactive Media Awards 2011, shown among the most reputable competitions of the world of interactive design., having participated, with its user friendly modern design, in Interactive Media Awards in the banking category was included among the 7 banks found deserving the “Outstanding Achievement” award out of 67 participants throughout the world.

Interactive Media Awards, launched in 2006 by Interactive Media Council, is aimed to set high standards in web site design and reward successful works by designers. At the competition, awards are given in view of such criteria as design, contents, functionality, convenience and user friendliness.

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