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​​​​​​​Can real estates be sold on an installment or sale on account basis?

Sale prices for real estates must be paid in lump sum and sale on account or installment sales may not be performed.

Does Türkiye Finans offer financial support for real estates put up for sale?

You may enjoy financial support for real estates put up for sale.

Please visit the individual pages to learn about budget-friendly financing options offered by Türkiye Finans or contact the nearest Türkiye Finans branch for detailed information on our advantageous financing options.

Is VAT included in real estate sales transactions performed by the bank?

VAT is not included in the sale price as per the relevant Banking Regulations.

What is the basis to determine the prices for title deed registration and fees?

Title deed registration for the real estates subject to sale is based on the sale price of the bank. 

​ Where the property tax of the said real estate exceeds its sale price, title deed fees are calculated on the basis of property tax value.