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Special Issues

​​As per the relevant provisions stipulated in the Banking Law, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası A.Ş. has put up for sale its aforementioned surplus re​al estates to obtain a written proposal.

Any information listed on our Bank's website (, announcements, proposals and other remarks regarding the legal and actual status of real estates put up for sale may not be construed as a commitment and is intended to provide general descriptions and information for prospective buyers.

Please visit any of our branches or e-mail​ to submit your proposals. Location and contact details of our branches are available on our website.

Should you need additional information about the immo​vable or submit a written proposal, please make sure to include the announcement code for the relevant immovable in your letter to avoid any misunderstandings.

Any legal and actual inquiries as well as investigations regarding the real estates must be performed by the buyer/proposing party who shall be considered to make a proposal upon performing inquiries and investigations regarding legal and actual status of real estates based on observation and appreciation. The proposing party/buyer shall be deemed to agree in advance that they will not have any further requests from our Bank on this matter upon submission of proposal.

A cash collateral amounting to 5% of the appraised fee must be paid to our branches with the explanation, "collateral fee for real estate sales", for proposals to be eligible for evaluation, and the written proposal must include a copy of the receipt for the aforementioned cash collateral. The proposal will be evaluated once the collaterals are paid in amounts determined/to be determined by our bank.

The appraised fee associated with each real estate shall not serve a commitment for sales; written proposals to be obtained from relevant parties shall be accepted or rejected upon evaluation by our bank.

In the event of multiple proposals for a single real estate, our bank will select the most appropriate proposal for evaluation. It is at our bank's sole discretion to close the sale with any party and under any circumstances it deems suitable.

The sale price must be paid in lump sum within the period to be announced by our bank, and the buyer must fully meet the remaining material and official liabilities to facilitate assignment, alienation and delivery.

In the event that the proposal is rejected by our bank, the cash collateral paid shall be refunded to the proposing party within 10 days. The proposing party shall not have any claim or right as dividend or any other name whatsoever within the aforementioned ten-day refund period. ​ ​