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6 Important Rules

Use an antivirus and anti-spyware program

Your computer should have a licensed antivirus program, and an anti-spyware program, against programs that may spy on your computer. You should regularly update the virus definitions of the program, and you should regularly scan all your system for viruses.

Use a firewall program

A firewall is a software or hardware that checks the incoming and outgoing network traffic to/from your computer. Firewall prevents unauthorized or unwanted persons from accessing your computer or computer network, through various means. You should install a safety wall to your computer, and check whether it is active.

You should keep your operating system up to date

Operating systems also need to be updated regularly, to patch the security issues that are recognized afterwards. Please take care to install these updates regularly.

Before opening e-mail messages, check them for safety

You should not open e-mail messages sent to you by people unknown to you, especially the ones with attached files. Always ignore messages which seem like to be sent by your bank, and asking you for your user name, password, credit or debit card number, or asking that you update your personal information.

You can ensure a two-step security by using Mobile Password and Mobile Signature

You can choose either one of Mobile SMS Password and Mobile Key Password products; obtain single-use passwords, thus ensuring a two-step security. Mobile Signature is a service that enables you to carry out a transaction by verifying your identity by electronic means, so as to be the equivalent of the wet signature.

You can use our Bank’s applications which provide Personal Access Security

​​Our Internet Banking service includes an Access Security application that can be customized. With this application, you can make definitions according to your needs and usage habits. All these applications can be reached at the “Security Settings” menu.