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Voting Procedure

​ The voting procedure has been set forth in Article 14 of the Bank's Articles of Incorporation and Article 12 of the internal directives on General Assembly principles and procedures.

Accordingly; ​Article 14 of the Articles of Incorporation: Shareholders are entitled to one vote in the General Assembly for each share of TRY 1 (one Turkish Lira) they own. Shareholders may cast their vote personally or by proxy. While voting is cast either by raising hands or standing up or by saying aye or nay individually, it can be cast via electronic devices to be defined on behald of each of the shareholders, during arrival ind the meeting hall on the General Assemble date, or other instruments that enable counting of the votes cast at the meeting hall. However, secret ballot method shall be used if one twentieth of the shares represented in the General Assembly demand it.

Article 12 of the Internal Directives: Prior to the start of the voting, the meeting chairperson shall announce to the general assembly the matter put to vote. If a draft resolution is to be voted, voting starts after it has been established in written and read. Once the start of voting is announced, permission to speak may only be asked in relation with the voting procedure. However, if there is any shareholder who has asked but has been denied the permission to speak, such shareholder shall exercise his/her right, provided that this is reminded by the shareholder and confirmed by the Chairperson. Permission to speak may not be recognized once the voting session starts.

Voting on matters discussed during the meeting shall be cast by raising hands or standing up or saying aye or nay individually. These votes shall be counted by the chairperson of the meeting. If necessary, the chairperson may assign a sufficient number of people to help the vote counting. Those shareholders who did not raise their hands, stand up or make any statements shall be considered to have voted “no" and such votes shall be considered against the resolution.

Voting by shareholders or their representatives who attend the general assembly electronically as prescribed under Article 1527 of the Turkish Commercial Code is governed by the procedures and principles set forth under the said article and the provisions thereunder.

The Bank holds its general assembly electronically pursuant the Turkish Commercial Code and the Capital Market Legislation.