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Bol Kepçe Account

Bol Kepçe Account

​​​​​Türkiye Finans proudly presents Bol Kepçe Account where you can earn on your savings under two investment instruments!

Türkiye Finans combined the Participation Account, where the yield at maturity is shared based on profit-loss partnership, and the Lease Certificate (Sukuk) that provides a reliable lease profit, under the roof of Bol Kepçe Account.

What is Bol Kepçe Account?

A first of its kind in participation banking, Bol Kepçe Account is a generous account helping you enjoy high profit-sharing yields and earn on your savings under two investment instruments: Türkiye Finans Lease Certificate and Participation Account.

This Account Offers Abundance and Wealth

Bol Kepçe Account invests 95% of your savings in Türkiye Finans Lease certificates as part of your investment account, and the remaining 5% in the participation account with maturities of 31 to 181 days as per your preference. This Bol Kepçe Account enables you to enjoy advantageous profit-sharing yields via right and reliable alternative investment instruments.​

Features of Bol Kepçe Account

  • You may open Bol Kepçe Account only in TRY currency.
  • You may have 3-month and 6-month terms or odd-term maturities between 31 and 18​1 days.
  • Minimum limit to open Bol Kepçe Account (Participation Account + Lease Certificate) is TRY 25,000 and maximum limit is TRY 1.00​0.000​
  • 95% of your savings is invested in Türkiye Finans lease certificates, and the remaining 5% in our participation accounts with a profit-sharing ratio of 90%-10%.​

How to Open a Bol Kepçe Account?

Both an investment account and a participation account must be opened to have a Bol Kepçe Account that enables you to enjoy yields in accordance with the principles of non-interest-bearing banking. Please visit the nearest Türkiye Finans branch to open an account.

Benefits of Bol Kepçe Account

  • Bol Kepçe Account places your savings in more than one investment accounts to generate a higher profit-sharing yield compared to standard participation accounts.
  • In your investment account, yields arising from lease certificate purchases & sales and lease payments are subject to a 10% income tax withholding which offers you withholding benefits compared to standard participation accounts.
  • Please click here to learn more about Türkiye Finans Lease Certificates.